From the manuscript of the book by Djugderein Damdin, Mongolia, sent to B.F.Porshnev in 1967.

The narration by Elubai Soltanbek, a sheepherder of a second brigade in somon (village) Algan tsogu in Kobdo aimak (province), recorded by the author during his fourth expedition in 1964-5.

It happened at sunset in May 23, 1965. I directed sheep to pastureland and had risen on a hill in place named as Alag Uzur. Suddenly my horse grunted and had turned. I had seen a man there at a some distance . When I looked at him in a field-glass, I understood it was not a man, but an unusual animal. It went on two legs and made broad steps. It hold its hands at chest. Its neck was thick and large head lowered a bit. There were no clothes on its body. The whole body was of a light brown color. It seemed, that the head moved every time. It was seen from the side view that there was something white on its head. I had shouted once, but the animal had not paid any attention. Soon it disappeared turning behind a mountain. It was neither an animal, nor a human, just a humanlike creature.

Comment by M.Trachtengerts: I came upon the observation when looking recently through my archive. My attention was given to the "something white was seen on its head". It moved my mind to some white details on alamas head which I defined as "brushes" of hair. These evoked many discussions and now there is another similar phenomenon on a similar hominoid.