Unexpected end of the hominoid photo story.

In the beginning of April 2009 I have received the following letter:

"Hello Michael.
I am the author of the humanoid photo. Recently my daughter casually got on your site and informed me about it. I did not think that my joke will be placed in Internet. After return from mountain travel I wished to play a joke with some friends. At first I wished to insert there a deer, but an ape came to sight. This started the story. Late I felt regret about it - for about three months I got a lot of calls from everywhere, many of them at nights. Big money was offered too by various madmen. Even detectives checked the photo.

I send you both photos - get acquainted.


The photo and a card from which the "hominoid" image was extracted were attached.

Soon an addition has come from Andrey:

"One should do right click on the picture to see it Properties, all was written there. Why nobody was so clever as to do it??? A forgery is the case when somebody tries to deceive. I never told anyone that it was truth. On the contrary, I spoke about joke and asked to look properties of the photo."

Really, in properties of the received photo was such specification ¾ April, the 1st (The day of fools). But version in WEB missed this signature.

So, Andrey's joke had checked up our readiness to reveal a forgery.

Michael Trachtengerts
April 2009