LAKPA SHERPANI, a 19-year-old yak herder from Nepal, claimed in 1974 that a four-foot-tall animal with thick black hair below the waist and browning hair above struck her repeatedly and killed five of her grazing yaks in the Khonar region close to Mount Everest. The story led to a Kathmandu based newspaper using the following headline: "Yak girl says I was knocked out by Yeti".
GUARDIAN 10/9/96 P5

Comment by M.Trachtegerts:

I think it corresponds with the alamas in my article about primate in Himalayas in three points.

First - the yeti was about 120 cm high. In article alamas was estimated as 140 cm high.

Second - such small ape-like creature can't kill 5 big animals like yak in a herd without some weapon, presumably a rock. And a rock in hand of alamas was revealed from snapshots photographed by A.Tishkov.

Third - the both animals were met in narrow places and in similar landscape.

So they possibly belong to the common short species of unknown primate. This brings new information on aggressive features in behavior of alamas too. It seems now that approaching alamas A.Tishkov was in real danger.