June 11, 2005

Olivier Decobert, French cryptozoologist

Hello Michael,

Yes, you're right, this species has been described without a body. I think that the main problem with homins is that they are too close to man, and that Homo erectus and neandertalensis are seen by paleoanthropologists as partially humans, and not so bestialized than they really are... So a film or photo showing a wild and hairy hominid is too difficult to accept by these people, because he can not exist in their mind!

If Patty would have been a monkey, probably she would be accepted as a new species, even with a single film, but Patty looks too human...

Best regards.



Bobbie Short, American cryptozoologist

It would appear our illustrious scientific North American faction has a double standard, no?

There is a Davenport Photograph of the holotype adult male mangabery, Lophocebus kipunji in Tanzania. Perhaps that is the basis for their conclusion. It has caused a stir among the discussion boards, not by academics unfortunately, but by low level persons with an interest.


But it is controversial from our research point of view.

Yes Michael, interesting.



Francois de Sarre, French cryptozoologist

Hello Michael,

Yes, it is really remarkable! A very interesting item. It will be a help for further investigations of homins!

Certainly, zoologists also do use cryptozoological methods! I can remember, as a young student, I was investigating with herpetologists on the Tunisian island "La Galite" and looking for snakes. We only found the one same kind, Microprotodon, but I talked with people living on the island, and they all told me that there was also another kind, maybe a Vipera, but this snake didn't bite at all... It sounded fantastic, but in my opinion, the second "unknown" snake was Natrix maura, which looked a bit like a viper. We investigated further, but only Microprotodon was seen or caught. So the mysterious snake was a "cryptid" one... A couple of years later, I came back to the Tunisian island and found... Natrix maura ! It only occurred thanks to the indications of the locals!