Dear Ray,

I received from Dmitri Bayanov the following text from you to him with photos allegedly belonged to a hominoid in Russia. I saw from it that you in line with Valentin Sapunov’s opinion think that it is real. It is not so. I saw this photo half a year ago and had known that it is a joke of some merry guys (not a fake really, just a fun).

After your letter I placed translations from letters between me and Victor Malyshev who lives in the same town of these merry guys. Please pay attention to letter data.

I cleared his e-mail address because I have no permission to show it.

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Date: Monday, February 19, 2007, 1:11:27 PM
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I openned the photo.. and attached it as a jpg file. It is a great picture and I have posted it on the website. Check it out... you can find it in the table of contents under "International" or on the "Front Page"

Thanks for the picture and story...
I have also included a cropped copy for clarity!

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This from my friend in St Petersburg, Russia...I couldn't get the photo to open...maybe you can. Have written him to send in another format. If good, would go great on your site.


Hello RayCrowe,

Dear Ray!
Best regards.
My stunet from North Ural got me a photo of Bigfoot.
Reserve Jugyd-Va, nearest big city - Inta. Photo was made by
electronic camera at the end of september 2006. Author anonimous,
hunter having no interest to BF, made ladscape photo a got strange
figure. Legend and tales on BF in this region exist. Me and my
studentin - Inna Leontyeva - are sure, that nobody have interest to
joke and falsification, nobody got glory or money by this photo. As
for me, figure is more close to Homo erectus of Australopitecus.
What about your opinion?

Best regards,


From: Victor Malyshev
To: <>
Date: Tuesday, September 19, 2006, 7:54:40 AM
Subject: Snow Man
Files: Snow Man.jpg

Please give a realistic evaluation of attached photo – is it real or Photoshop-made trick? They said that it was made by chance on Polar Ural in vicinity of river Kozhim.

Victor Malyshev.
(Photo file was attached – M.T.)

The photo sent to me by Victor Malyshev. Its copies now are circulating in the Web. I show also a more detailed fragment.


From: Michael Trachtengerts <>
To: Victor Malyshev
Date: Wednesday, October 04, 2006, 11:35:05 AM
Subject: Snow Man

Dear Victor,
thank you for the photo. I just now returned from Karelia and it is reason of my late answer to you.

If somebody made the hominoid figure in real landscape photo he showed a perfect skill. I did not found a border between image of hominoid and backing part. So there is some degree of probable truth in the photo.
But the only shot is not enough to reveal the truth in this case. It is necessary to get from the authors detailed description of the situation, what camera was used. If it was a film camera, it is necessary to examine the original frame.
I do not wish to get in a trap of fake. Please write me all you know about the photo and about those who made this shot.

With best regards, Michael.


From: Victor Malyshev
To: Michael Trachtengerts <>
Date: Thursday, October 05, 2006, 3:48:04 PM
Subject: Snow Man

About this photo and those who presented it.
I am sorry for the case. It is became known that guys made a joke.
But half of the town was very shocked.

Victor Malyshev


Ray, when I saw it at first I thought that it ends with what you read above and should be ignored. But now it is obvious that all researches must be informed about existence of this fake.
Yours Michael