About the site

This site was created in order to give the most verified information on the relic hominoid problem to wide public and scientific community.

Me, Michael Trachtengerts, came to the idea after more than 25 years researching of the relic hominoid phenomena. I would like to offer for your attention the findings, which were obtained by generations of cryptozoologists mostly in the USSR and Russia, but not defined to it. They allow definitely to prove that various unknown anthropoid animals continue to live now on the Earth.

Last researches of human mitochondrial DNA have shown, that probably about 400 thousand years ago humankind had got into a "bottleneck" period, when the population was reduced to minimum. Probably, the overwhelming majority of mankind living nowadays are descendants of the only woman or the group of sisters. Obviously some reasons prevented them being vanished.

The researches of relic hominoids show that most of them now have fallen into the like critical situation mainly due to dissemination of humans throughout all parts of the world. It depends on us, whether the exit for them will be found, or they will disappear irreversibly soon. It needs two things - understanding of the hominoid existence and its nature, and determination to act.

The methods used by zoologists for other animals - to shoot and collect series of animals for all species, should not be applied to hominoids. The violent killing even the one related individual can be fatal for them. George Shaller, Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, researcher of bears V.S.Pazhetnov in Russia , and their followers have shown convincingly, that watch on the animals in natural environment without killing them is the best way in their research. The humane methods for hominoid investigations will be covered on this site.

Unfortunately, traditional zoology and anthropology departed for some reasons from these questions that were submitted by the nature. It will be also discussed on the site.

The active researches of relic hominoids are conducted more than 50 years and some of them are history now. The site will work in close cooperation with the Russian society of cryptozoologists. The interesting events of the past as well as last results will be told here.

In spite of vast Russia territory, we get to know low number of creatures encountings in comparison with, for example, in USA. In my view it caused by backwardness of our information networks and communication facilities. A resident of the remote district often does not know where and how to inform about an event. The site will give additional opportunities for message reception in such cases.

The site is bilingual. Information will be in Russian and English. Such structure will allow exchange of content with other relative sites. Some contacts are already established. It does not mean, that any material in one language will have identical translation to another. Our opportunities for translation are limited, and the ratio between translated and monolingual publications depends on it.

Our site is scientific, educational, noncommercial. It is supported by work and personal donations from the participants. All materials placed in it can freely be used for the research and educational purposes.