Letters of the readers

· Dmitri Bayanov: The fear of changes in paradigm is the main reason for scientific community to block researches of living hominids



· Erik Knatterud, Norway, sent us observation of a red glow from sasquatch eyes

· Erik Knatterud, Norway, sent us observation that bears are able to whistle, important for field researchers

· Useful suggestions from Ron Morehead to hominoid field researchers Ron Morehead recorded shouts of a sasquatch (new information is added)

· Michael Trachtengerts about strange tracks: "Whose tracks mountaineers met in Mongolian Altay?"

· Vadim Makarov writes "About intelligence, language and thinking among animals and relict hominoids", translated extract from Russian

· The last appeal of antidarwinists found by D.Bayanov

· About photo-joke of a "hominoid" from Ural, Russia
Author of the photo-joke tells us how it was made

· Responses to article "A new medium-sized monkey species is found in Africa"

· Letters by Ilya Treyger on Shipton footprint.

· Letter by Olivier Decobert on Shipton footprint.

· Letter by John Green on Shipton footprint.

· Letter by field criptozoologist Hewie Dalrymple

· Field modelling experiment by Michael Frazee shows how difficult to obtain a comprehensive photo of the hominoid in the nature.

· The information received by B.F.Porshnev a few decades ago is interesting now also.

· I've received from cryptozoologist Paul Cropper who lives in Sydney, Australia, an interesting information about aggressive yeti.

· From letter exchange with Richard Noll (BFRO - Bigfoot Field Research Organization, www.BFRO.net).

· Michael Kirokosyan from city Astrakhan, hominoid investigator and author of the book "Search of mysterious cryptids", wrote a letter to alamas.ru on article Unknown Primate of Himalayas.