10 February 2007


The sites contain information on hominoids as main part.

· The most informative site - Bobbie Short's Bigfoot Encounters
You may subscribe to Bobbie Short's Bigfoot_Newsletter_Online

· Two sites of the Fond for promotion of hominology researches CRYPTO-SPHERE, Moscow, Russia
and new

· Forum by Dmitri Ershov on chinese hominoid E-jen and other crypto animals in China

· New site on hominoids by Roman Tsygankov (in Russian)

· New site on hominoids in Archangelsk region (Northern Europe, in Russian)

· Research of Yowie an Australian hominoid

· Tom Shirley, with representative forum on Bigfoot in USA

· Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO)

· Site by Mary Green, author of new book "50 Years With Bigfoot"

· Nguoi Rung, Vietnamese Forest People (interesting yet last updated at 1998)

· Texas Bigfoot Research Center

· Florida Skunk Ape

· Site by Francois de Sarre on bipedalism origin and related

· Geoff Lincoln

· Olivier Decobert

· Site of hominologist Jean Roche, pages in French and English

· Daniel Perez, California, USA - the editor of bulletin BIGFOOT TIMES

Some researchers show information for the places where they live:

· Jim S., Michigan, USA (the authors hide their full names)

· Jeff Lewis, Utah, USA

General cryptozoology

Interesting cryptozoological information and partly on hominoids

· New cryptozoological site with forum by Maxim Volchenkov (in Russian)

· cryptozoology.com, USA, vast coverage

· Virtual Institute of Cryptozoology by Michel Raynal, Fr.
Virtual Institute of Cryptozoology by Michel Raynal, English pages

· Eric Joye, Bruxelles

· Erik Knatterud

· Herpers

· Global Underwater Search Teem - GUST

· Hans-Jorg Vogel, "Pterodactylus" publisher, Berlin

· Loren Coleman

· Lorenzo Rossi

· StrangeArk

Fossil hominids

The information on fossil hominids may be useful in live hominoid research

· The Smithsonian Institution presents the vast data on human origin

· The site on Neanderthals

· China Academy of sciencies, site on fossil hominids

· Australopithecus Origin