Here there are gathered information on important encountings with hominoids that had brought some data (photographs, pictures, and s.o.) and significant observations.

Last communications

· The remarkable review of interesting data on hominoids in Alps of France by Barrere Florent with pictures by Philippe Coudray

· David Claerr wrote a story of his dad's meeting with hairy dwellers of a remote Alps village whose he considers as possible Human-Neanderthal hybrids
Philippe Coudray made some comments on David Claerr's story and translated it in French
Barrere Florent send us an extract from book of traveler Aime-Francois Legendre on strange peoples in bottom parts of the Himalayas in China

· The finding of hominoid track on the banks of Ob river in 1211

· The book by Michael Trachtengerts "Krao: human or hominoid?" on a phenomenon of hairy woman from Laos, overlooked by scientists


This chapter contains publications of members of Russian Society of cryptozoologists and other articles on hominoid encountings.

· The publications on Arkady Tishkov's observation of hominid in Himalayas, 1991

·· Arkady Tishkov's observaton of a human-like animal near China-Nepal border. The details of the encounting.

·· In august of 2002 "United scientific journal" published an article by Michael Trachtengerts with images of the animal derived from photo frames obtained by biologist Arkady Tishkov.

·· In December,2002 the journal "Natural and Technical Sciences", Moscow, published article "Reconstruction of alamas head (external appearance)" by Michael Trachtengerts, that continued the research of unknoun primate in Himalayas.

·· Reader from Australia B.Spiby sent me remarkable artwork of Alamas head view

·· In Fabruary 2003 the journal "Natural and Technical Sciences", Moscow, published article "Estimation of alamas skull view" by Michael Trachtengerts. He proposed in it hypothesis that primate Alamas alamas survived now on Himalayas is a close form to Homo erectus, that is considered extinct.
Cryptozoologist John Green have sent here a warm response

·· In April 2003 the journal "Natural and Technical Sciences", Moscow, published article "Inhabitance Area of Primate Species Alamas alamas" by Michael Trachtengerts, based on some field observations.

· The review of available data, concerning to large sized hominoids, in article "The Large Hominoid of the Himalayas" by Michael Trachtengerts

· From Classic: "The Troglodytidae and the Hominidae in the Taxonomy and Evolution of Higher Primates" by B.F.Porshnev and discussion, Current Anthropology 1974

· Dmitri Bayanov's article on the most important problem in hominology: "Is Manimal more Man than Animal?"

· The Letter from Dmitri Bayanov to Henner Fahrenbach on Neanderthal Connection

· Letter by Doug Tarrant to Dmitri Bayanov on his Bigfoot experience

· Communication about nonaggressive encounting of man and hominoid in Kabardino-Balkaria, Caucasus
Observer Vitaly Borchaev later gave an interview to the Russian TV channel TNT which we quote here. (Of course, in Russian)

· In 1997 Dr.M.Ward thought that the riddle of Shipton and his footprint photo may be never solved,
Ward's article was presented by Lorenzo Rossi

· An article "Some rare types of Himalayan hominoid footprints" by Michael Trachtengerts, in which analysis and classification of Himalayan hominoid footprint types are continued

· The article "On a foot type of a Himalayan hominoid" by Michael Trachtengerts

· The article "Tracks of four-fingered Himalayan hominoids" by Michael Trachtengerts was published

· The article "The Himalayan snapshot by Shipton and Ward - new analysis of the footprint" by Michael Trachtengerts was published
Letters of readers on the article

· On-line article by Michael Trachtengerts "New example of hominoid ksy-gyik footstep reconstruction" with hypothesis that this hominoid may be identical to some of Himalayan species

· The article "On a methodical mistake at Himalayan yeti tracks identifications" by Michael Trachtengerts
Cryptozoologist Lorenzo Rossi sent me remarkable photo to the discussed problem

· The article "On the Himalayan hominoids external sizes" by Michael Trachtengerts was published in "Natural and Technical Sciences"

· Article by Michael Trachtengerts on a remakable feature of hominoids - their eyes shine in dark
Some additional interesting data to the article on night human eyes shining
Erik Knatterud, Norway, sent us observation of a red glow from sasquatch eyes
More on night hominoid eyes shining - Australia's Yowie

· Very important methodical article "How to Preserve Bigfoot or Saquatch Scat for DNA Testing and Scientific Analysis" by David Claerr, Courtesy Bobbie Short

· Electrophoresis of hair keratins makes possible to identify hominoid hair - article "A technique for differentiation of primates hair" by Galina Sinelnikova, 1992

· Bobbie Short and Will Duncan: Sasquatches have human DNA?

· Photographs of the Sasquatch head in British Columbia, probably the first photos in the Northern America

· Report about new finding in Bigfoot DNA, compiled by Michael Trachtengerts

· The on-line article "Towards end of a paleoanthropological paradigm" by Michael Trachtengerts on hominology after discoveries on Flores island

· Dmitri Bayanov recalls first steps in undersdanding of PG film and other facts about America's Bigfoots

· Igor Burtsev tells about his recent visit to Tennessee farm, USA

· The investigation by Vadim Makarov and Michael Trachtengerts on an extraordinary picture of Caucasian Almasty

· Article by G.A.Sidorov on his research of hominoids in Siberia, 1993

· Tragic end of the tourist team on Ural tracking shows that hominoids sometimes can be extremely dangerous (answer to readers, posted early at Bobbie Short's site)

· The article by Rostislav Danov "Finding of a Tooth of an Unknown Primate" (1996).

· John Green untimately cleans out speculations on man-in-suit fake in Patterson-Gimlin footage

· Emanuel Vlcek (Czechoslovakia, 1959) had told how he reveiled the widely known now illustrations of Central Asian "Wild Man" in lamaistic medical books

· The main publication by V.Pushkarev on his own hominoid reseach in the Northern parts of Russia (1978)

· 18 April 2001 "Russian Hunters Newspaper" published an article by M.Trachtengerts on encounterings in Northen areas at European Russia. It previously was placed on Bobbie Short's site also.

· 6 October 1989 newspaper Komsomolskaya pravda published an article by M.Trachtengerts how the alive hominoid was captured in Saratov region, Russia.