30 August, 2008

· Unknown reptile far to the North from Polar Circle?

· Bigfoot is capable to throw huge boulders, B.C., Canada

· Bigfoots used to help hunter, USA

· Wonderful story on longtime friendly Bigfoot contacts in the USA

· Report on longtime Bigfoot observations in Pennsylvania, USA, received from researcher Daniel Perez


· Not connected with hominoids, but unique article by V.Yarmoliuk and V.Nikolayev "Unknown Denizens of Lake Hirghiz-nuur in Mongolia"

· Bobbie Short had send us a careful comment on the premise in one of publications from China (on Russian part of the site) that the Himalayan yeti is a Tibetan red bear, with sketch by Slawomir Rawicz

· It is possible to meet a hominoid in the Center of Europe until now - an observation in Kosovo

· A new medium-sized monkey species is found in Africa
Responses to the article

· New gorilla-like primates were encountered in DR Congo

· Nature plays joke with a cryptozoologist - this may be said looking at the photo

· In July 2004 Israeli newspaper Maariv Daily presented picture of a monkey that began upwalking (after Dan Waldman)

· The recent communication from UK, a bifoot was seen in the country.