The encountering in Kabardino-Balkaria

Recently a visitor, Galina B-va, came on business to Igor Burtseví office. She had got what she needed and by the way she became known that we are interested in relic hominoids. Unexpectedly to us she had said:

¾ My father saw a snow man.

D.Bayanov have written down her story.

Galina is Balkarien, her people lived on the Northern slopes of Caucasus.

Despite the event happened with her father Vitaly, about 45, it was her mother who had told her about it. The family lives in small town Tyrnaus, republic Kabardino-Balkaria. They have also a small summer house with a garden in a rural place at 15 minutes driving by a car down river Baksan valley from the town. The encountering took place in autumn of 2004.

Circumstances: the garden yard and the summer house are in the middle of a settlement near a mountain slope covered by forest. All around house is fenced by an edge five feet high. That time Vitaly had arrived to the house alone and stayed there for a night. In the middle of night he was woken up, as he heard a dogís squealing. It usually bravely barked. The dog was not their pet, it was a joint animal for the settlement. Vitaly went from room to a kitchen and farther to verandah. The outer door was left opened for the night. In the doorway there he saw a huge hairy figure which stood outside and inclined its head to glance into verandah. Its eyes were seen. Father understood, that it was a Snow man and became very frightened.

The newcomer groaned. Father decided that it wished to eat. He didnít want its penetration into the house. He seized bread and a bottle with milk from a table on kitchen and gave this to the creature. After that it left the yard. The father did not sleep any more and returned to Tyrnaus with the first bus. But before leaving the house he had a look around and saw that the gate had been locked and no fence part around the garden was damaged. Galina's mother was surprised, that husband returned from the summer house so early and his face was pale.

He did not tell her for a long time about the happening, and when he had told at last, she did not believe him. Then he took her on a summer house and showed her a PIECE of HAIR that had remained on the jamb of the door on verandah. This convinced Galina's mother that Vitaly said truth. He was afraid to be ridiculed and said nobody else about it, even to daughter. Galina knows about the case from her mother only.

Question: How your mom has named this creature?

Answer: a Snow man.

Q.: Is the name "Almasty" known to you?

A.: Yes, it is known.

Q.: Why your father decided, what the Snow man wished to eat, and gave meal to it?

A.: Probably, he knew what is necessary to do in such cases.

Q.: Do you can ask your parents, whether the hair of the Snow man mentioned by them is kept.

A.: Yes, I'll do it.

It is written down by D.Bayanov according to Galina B-va in Moscow, in office of Publishing house Cripto-Logos, on February 8-th, 2005. Galina, born in 1983, now lives and works in Moscow.

Translated by M.Trachtengerts.

The note: Observer Vitaly Borchaev later gave an interview to the Russian TV channel TNT which we quote here. (Of course, in Russian)