From Bigfoot Times Nov. 2007
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I received a handwritten letter dated July 19, 2007, about a woman’s sighting southeast of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The writing was mostly legible but I had somewhat of a hard time reading it. Ethel Jane Snyder Adams’s daughter, Bonnie, got in touch with me and when I told her about my difficulty in reading about her mother’s sighting. She offered to type up the old report and send it in. This all happened long before the modern era of Bigfoot, right around 1936. Here is that report:

“My story begins when I was a very young girl living in a small town called Davistown, Pa. which is close to a place called Indian Head, Pennsylvania in Fayette County. I can remember the cyclones that hit our small community when I was about 5 years of age. One cyclone whirled up from the direction of Indian Head and the other one came the opposite way. I can still remember the loud sound and how the hills ‘roared.’ I remember many things I have seen while growing up such as a black bear and her cubs, a black panther, but most of all, I remember Bigfoot. I was a very shy little girl and I kept this a secret just among my family. I remember my mother telling us a story about a big ape that took a woman into his cave until she escaped. I love to hear her stories, but the story I am writing here is real and true. I came face to face with a large hairy creature on many occasions. I went into the woods many times, sometimes with my father and sometimes alone. On one such occasion, I caught a movement in a thick bush as I swung from a grape vine but my dad would say its okay, its only someone hunting or picking berries. I was suspicious just the same of a terrible smell in the air or what caused a peasant to fly out of this bush. I knew something was strange but I never thought that one day I'd come very near to a big hairy creature such a Bigfoot.

As I recall the first time I saw Bigfoot was when my sister Marie, now deceased, and I went to pick berries and flowers. As we started down the bank, I saw such beautiful flowers but I smelled an odor and there stood a big hairy creature who I know was Bigfoot. He must have been 6 feet tall, dark brown, long arms and very hairy and he just stood there. Gosh, did we run across the fields into the house. I told mother what we had seen. As I recall, she was very upset and I could hardly wait to tell dad when he came home that evening from work. Dad just laughed cause my father and I always joked with each other. I told Dad just you wait until you see that big hairy thing, then you'll believe me.

My second sighting occurred when mother and I went into the woods to milk the cow as she had a calf not too old. We decided to leave her and her calf in the woods for a few days. I'll never forget how frightened I became. I looked up and there rising up behind a big rock was that big hairy creature. I said "oh mother, look there's that big hairy thing!" She just said "Janey (a name she called me) girl, quit kidding me." I said "oh mother, its coming very near." She then looked up and screamed and we ran all the way home. Needless to say I was very scared. That evening I told my father again and he laughed as usual at mother and me. He said it was probably someone trying to scare us. I said "not someone but something." It surely smelled. Then I

said "You know dad, I have to bring the cow and calf into the barn and you can go with me. He said "sure." We went and I thought if that hairy thing was there it better show itself. We waited and then from up behind the rock it raised up and I said "Well Dad, do you believe me now?" He didn't notice, just laughed, and kept trying to get the calf to follow the cow to the barn. I kept staring at the hugh form. I told my father "it's just standing there." Then my dad knew I wasn't kidding. He said run as fast as you can. He believed me then! When we got to the house, he told mother what we saw. He finally realized it was not a joke. I knew Bigfoot was around there. But still when the cow went into the woods and had to be brought to the barn, I would hear the bush cracking nearby and I would run. I thought as long as this big hairy thing didn't bother me, I sure wouldn't bother him but I believe he liked to be around people. I will never forget the way it looked at me with his arms hanging down nor will I forget the awful stench in the air.

Well, a few weeks later, I told mother I believe our friend moved on. I still made jokes saying I believe this big hairy creature likes me. I began to see where something was laying in the hay in the barn. I told mother someone or something is sleeping there. She said "Oh Janey, probably a bum." We had bums who came by but still I must admit I was kind of scared to open that barn door. I'd hear the cow stomping around still at night. I'd say something is in the barn, I just know it. Then one Saturday night I'll remember as long as I live it was around 8:00 p.m. Mother was milking the cow and the back barn door was open. A little creek was back of the barn and a small embankment. I was just talking about how the hay was smashed down. The cow started mooing and moving from side to side and mother said "Stand still and behave." Then, I looked out the back barn door and there coming up the bank from the creek was that big hairy creature coming towards the barn. We ran to the house and I told my mother I believe that's where the big hairy creature slept. Many times after that the odor would drift near us, but he didn't show himself close again. I often think how I swam in the creek and skated on slipping moss and never was afraid of anything until I saw what I now know to be Bigfoot. He was big and tall and walked fast but sometimes he would just stare. I don't think he meant any harm. I guess he was as curious as I was. I really don't know if he had a mate but I was waiting one night for my father to come home from a school board meeting. It was 1 a.m. before the meeting was over. I would wait up for him. I'd like to look out the window and wait up until he came up from the garage. This particular night, as mother and my sisters looked out the window we had a bright pole light there. Lying by the pole light was a very large white hairy animal. I recall its nose was sort of large and black and it had spots. As my father came up the hill, this animal raised up and stood very tall. I know it was 6 feet. It walked to my father, looked into his hands, then walked away. My father just stood there and didn't move. He told us he believed maybe it wanted to see if had a weapon.

Sometime later, a few weeks as I recall, we had an orchard with fruit trees along our house. I often seen where something had lay under the trees as the grass was smashed down were two animals lay one night. I saw something white in the orchard around dusk one night. I told father. He said maybe a cow wandered from someone's farm. I let it go never thinking one night I'd walk almost on two hairy animals. The big hairy one was very big and the same as the one I'd seen under the light pole. Beside it was a small hairy baby. I was sitting on the back porch playing my guitar and singing. I thought my father was outside so I just kept singing. Then, I looked up in the orchard and thought it was my father picking fruit as we sometimes used big white sacks to put the fruit in. I started into the orchard, calling dad and told him to wait I would help him. I got no answer but thought dad is awful quiet and he has to be able to hear me. As I got near, two hairy animals lay under the tree and they raised up then lay back down. I ran into the house. My sister Dorothy (now deceased) said dad is in bed. I don't recall ever seeing those hairy animals again but every spring and every fall we'd hear loud cries. We never could tell what it was. Yes, its been many years since I was a little girl growing up in the little down of Davistown. I can remember this as if it happened yesterday. I wish I would have told someone but my father worked hard and did not want people on our land using cameras and I just guess he didn't want to talk to the news media. I sit many times and think about the things I have seen and wonder if Bigfoot is still around there or maybe his offspring and if he is watching others as he watched me. I hope people do not think that Bigfoot is a joke. He is real and if people laugh and don't believe he is real, perhaps they should face him like I did. I hope if others see him that they let it be known and not wait all of these years like I did. I'd love for mother and dad to be here to help me tell about these events as they are not fiction but very real.

I am 81 years of age now and can't remember exactly my age when I encountered Bigfoot, but it was between eight to twelve years old. I'd love to go back into those woods again but things have changed over the years and the woods as I knew them are not the same. Bigfoot lives on, believe me, and he is there somewhere running through the woods as he did before."