This publication is based on a posting on Web-site (June 2, 2005) and includes also additional information received from observer Robert Kinion (courtesy Robert Kinion).


Homonid in Kosovo


Time: 0900 15 February 2005 (aprox)

Location: Kosovo, between Kamenica and Gjillane(spelling?)

Description of area of sighting: Very hilly region bordering on mountainous, depending on where you are from. Balkan foothills I guess.

Hominid: 5'6"(guestimate) slender, Bipedal, Redish colored hair, heavily matted around buttocks and front groin area. Hair longer on head than rest of body. Rest of hair 3-4 inches. Profile of face flat, and darkskinned (Black). Hands were also black. Did not get a good look at feet. No visible mammaries or other aids in determining sex.

I was stationed at the FOB(Forward Observation Base) in Kamenica as a civilian cotractor. I was driving one morning from the FOB to Camp Monteith to do a distribution run and pick up laundry and such. Halfway to Camp Monteith you drive through a heavilly wooded and hilly region, but not all that big and still somewhat populated. Hard for me to describe an exact location unless someone is actually familiar with the area. About 2 miles before you pass a resturaunt called the Planet.

Anyways I witnessed a hominid coming down a fairly steep slope and then cross the road in front of the vehicle going from my right side to my left side. Nothing like what you hear from the american version of BF. This hmmm not sure what to call it so will stick with hominid. This hominid was only around 5'6", only a guestimate as I was in a 4 wheel drive sits kinda high, slender, redish colored hair but heavily matted in places. Hair about the head was longer than rest of body. Heavy matting around the buttocks and also some long hair and matting around the front side as well. Sex was hard to determine as sighting did not last too long and there was also the shock factor involved. Trying to as detailed as I can, though. Only got a profile of face but was fairly flat, and very dark. I saw the hands but did not get a real good look at the feet as it went in front of the vehicle and then across the road and down a slope into a valley. Hands were also very dark. I would say black as far as face and hands go. I was curious though after this happened. I am afraid of ridicule from work mates and feared for my security clearance so kept quiet about it, but after finally talking to my wife about it I feel I can share it with like minded peeps. I have been a longtime reader of the boards, just rarely or never posted. Does anyone here know if hominids have a history of sightings in the Balkans or around Kosovo? I tried internet search and came up empty. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Hope I was thorough enough or detailed enough. If questions do not be afraid to ask.


Robert Kinion answered to questions of Dmitri Bayanov

Hello, Dmitri. Thank you for responding.

This whole sighting has me rather intrigued. When I first spotted the hominid it was coming down a steep slope towards the road. By the time I got the vehicle to a complete stop, the hominid was already crossing the road.

Vehicle was a Nissan Trooper 4x4 and all that was visible while it was in front of vehicle was upper torso and head, so I would say about a meter and a half. Most of my measurements are guesses, but estimating the best I can.

Posture of hominid was somewhat stooped, or bent forward. Arm length seemed a little longer than a human maybe but not by much. Legs definitely shorter than a humans, I can safely say. Keep in mind I only saw it as long as it took to cross the road and head into the valley. The walk was a little different. When coming down the slope it came down diagonally down the hill but had a rolling gait to it.

Legs far apart opposed to close together and seemed to have little to no difficulty with the terrain. Once it hit the flat road it slowed somewhat and looked more normal. Once it hit slope on other side of road it continued its rolling gait. The first thing I said to my wife, who was the only one I told at first, was that it looked like a hairsuit (spelling?) human. It was not extremely wide or built. It was slender of build, however muscle definition was still obvious even under the hair. Hair was a little long on the body 3-4 inches, but was not as thick as say a dog coat of hair. Hair on the head was longer than rest of the body, which I think, is what made me think of a hairy human at first. All of the hair was of a redish hue.

The hominid did not even acknowledge my vehicle. Or rather it did not turn to look at me. All I got of the head and face was a profile. Profile of face was a litte flat. Nose was not too flat as I could still see a nose. Face was dark, seemed from the side to have prominent cheek bones, Firm jaw. May have had hair on its face and cheeks but if it did, it was not evident from where I was sitting in the car.

I hope I am not embellishing on my memory. I want to be as accurate for you as I can. I did not repeat too much of what you already read. Once again I just hope I am not embellishing on my memory. Sometimes the mind can make up details that maybe were not there.

I want to keep as true to fact as I can. I hope this helps. I am now very interested in the history of such hominids and the like.

P.S. Please ask or feel free to communicate further with any future needs and I will be happy to comply the best I can.

Best of regards,

Robert Kinion


I was re-reading what I emailed to you yesterday and realized I was not too clear on a couple of facts. Just wanted to clarrify real quick. I said walk was a "Rolling gait" for lack of a better term. Basically what that means is there was a lot of sway of the torso and alot of arm swing, but was very fluid, hence a "Rolling gait". The sway was mostly at the torso and shoulder area, with a back and forth motion as it walked. The sway may be attributed to the legs being far apart rather than close together and straight like a man walks. Legs bent a bit at the knee as well.

This I witnessed as it came down the slope. It came down diagnally, or semi parallel to road with back to me. I think that was all I was not too clear on. I figured you might email me back asking what I meant by "Rolling gait" so wanted to clarify. I stated arms did not seem too much longer than human, but I think the forearms are what was longer than normal, not overall arm lenght. I am not an expert of bodily proportions, but the forearm did seem a little longer. I hope this helps.

Sorry if I was not too clear on first response. Maybe second email was not needed, but I feel better clarifying what I typed.

Best of regards,

Robert Kinion


Robert Kinion answered to my suggestion to make some sketches of the creature:


Working on sketches right now. There was some delay in completing them. I will send it along once it is completed. Several sources are also asking for sketches. You also have my permission to post my sighting on your sight.

Best regards,

Robert Kinion